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Talking Comms is a podcast for the modern professional communicator, reflecting the industry we work in, sharing best practice, and telling the best human stories. Email us at or tweet us @talkingcommspod.

Aug 12, 2019

We're back! And at The Ashes!

In this short and sweet episode, LGcomms chair Simon Jones tells us why we should go to this year's LGcomms Public Sector Academy event in Manchester. In the discussion, we talk about maintaining standards and how we can better engage with our communities.

We also speak to change consultant...

Happy Birthday us!

Oct 29, 2018

Hi everyone and thanks for listening to our ramblings from the past year!

Your ongoing support and listenership is greatly appreciated - please do keep the feedback coming via or @talkingcommspod on Twitter.

We're always on the look-out for issues and interviews so get in touch if you've got...

Well. Aren't you all lovely?

Nov 5, 2017

The feedback from the pilot episode has been so positive that we've decided to carry on and do some more! Thank you to everyone who downloaded or commented.

 Your comments included such gems as:

  • "a very good 3am listen!"
  • "the content, sound quality and editing were great"
  • "relevant, resonant, real"

If you heard it and...