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Talking Comms is a podcast for the modern professional communicator, reflecting the industry we work in, sharing best practice, and telling the best human stories. Email us at or tweet us @talkingcommspod.

Dec 21, 2017

While most of us are taking a break in the next few weeks, spare a thought for those comms pros on call, and who will have to refuse that seventh eggnog in case their phone goes off.


We chat to James Morton, External Communications Manager at Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service.


A Happy Christmas to you all!

Dec 13, 2017

Welcome to Episode 2 of the Talking Comms Podcast.


We hear from several Comms2Point0 UnAward winners and a bit about why the UnAwards matter. As promised, we’ve got the second half of Alex Aiken’s fascinating presentation from LGComms Academy. And we round off the year with a group discussion about what the main...